Next-Gen Data Loss Protection

DLP without policies or blocking.

Rethink DLP

Unified file visibility

See file activity across endpoints and cloud services to speed investigations.

Fast file retrieval

Restore file contents for analysis or recovery from incidents in minutes.

Long-term file retention

Keep files for as long as needed to support legal and compliance needs.

Code42 Next-Gen Data Loss Protection marketecture diagram.


Code42 icon showing its Collection capability.Gather file content and index activity on endpoints and the cloud.


Code42 icon showing its Monitoring capability.Detect data loss, leak, misuse and theft with no policies.


Code42 icon showing its Investigate capability.Quickly triage and prioritize data threats.


Code42 icon showing its Preservation capability.Retain files for investigation, litigation and compliance.


Code42 icon showing its Recovery capability.Rapidly recover lost, deleted and ransomed files.

Agile data security

Code42 Next-Gen DLP deploys in days to quickly address key data security challenges.

Detect insider threats

Improve visibility to file exfiltration and data loss events related to employee offboarding, M&A, intellectual property theft and employee mistakes.

Help satisfy regulatory compliance

Shorten reporting times for GDPR and other data privacy laws, help meet HIPAA compliance and support corporate litigation processes.

Speed up incident response

Accelerate data breach and theft investigations, simplify incident response processes and pre-empt incidents with more effective threat hunting.

Ensure business continuity

Rapidly recover from any data incident. Files are silently and automatically collected from every user’s endpoint, making restores simple and fast.

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Automatically and continuously protect all user data from loss, leak, misuse and theft.