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 Incydr™ Cloud-Based
Product Plans

A SaaS platform that is easy to deploy, manage and use

Incydr is an data protection solution that allows you to detect and respond to data exposure and exfiltration from corporate computer, cloud, email systems & more. Without a lot of resources, you’ll gain control over the data leaving your organization today, and power the secure work habits needed to decrease how often employees put data at risk in the future.

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Feature Name Incydr Professional Incydr Enterprise Incydr Gov
Monitored Sources
Exfiltration Detectors for Corporate Apps
1 Included 1 Included 1 Included
Platform Capabilities
Exfiltration Detection
Trusted Activity
Historical Activity
30 Days 90 Days 90 Days
Metadata Collection for Exfiltrated File Activity
Incydr Risk Indicators
Forensic Search
Exact Match File Access
Incydr Flows
Paid Service Paid Service Not Available
Risk Reduction Training
Code42 Instructor™
Optional Optional Optional
Code42 API
Base Access Full Access Full Access
Pre-built Integrations with SOAR, SIEM and other platforms
Premier Premier Premier
Insider Risk Technical Specialist
Paid Service Paid Service Paid Service

Supported Platforms

Operating Systems: Windows, Mac, Linux or VDI

Cloud Services: Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive, Box

Email: Microsoft Office 365 Email and Gmail

Business Application: Salesforce

Purchase Incydr on AWS Marketplace

If you have an Enterprise Discount Plan with AWS, use your committed spend to purchase Incydr!

“Incydr’s setup is very simple, without developing any policies in advance.”

“Our cooperation with Code42 was very easy and comfortable. The trial was initiated very quickly. The setup is very simple, without developing any policies in advance. You can really start right away.”

Gartner Review Aug 10, 2023

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