Mergers and Acquisitions

Protect intellectual property and other strategic files during the M&A process

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) increase the risk of data loss and theft. Not only do they commonly trigger employee reorganizations, redundancies and layoffs, but employees of the sell-side company may leave voluntarily due to worries about their job security.

Imagine a scenario where a high-tech startup was acquired for its innovative software. Reorgs are announced, layoffs are rumored, and recruiters begin to target the software developers with a large compensation package. A developer takes the new job and transfers some source code to his personal cloud account thinking it will be useful in his new role. This loss of IP, which represents much of the value of the M&A, is a dealmaker's nightmare.

Incydr Solution

Incydr is a SaaS data risk detection and response product for Insider Risk. It brings together three dimensions of risk from files, vectors and users to help you secure and protect intellectual property and other strategic business files during M&A.


How can security protect intellectual property during M&A?

  • Incydr can be deployed in days to quickly provide visibility into file activity and movement for the sell-side company.
  • Through its endpoint agent and direct cloud and email integrations, Incydr detects web uploads (such as personal email attachments and Dropbox uploads) as well as web app, USB, Airdrop and cloud sync activity for all employees. Trusted activities are filtered out to reveal only the activities that indicate potential risk to data.
  • High-fidelity alerts can be configured for specific high-risk exfiltration activity, and enhanced monitoring can be performed for departing employees, those who have been laid off, as well as potential flight risks.
  • When activity is detected, you can view a user’s profile to review their activity in context. Profiles provide a 90-day historical view of activity as well as helpful user attribute information such as the employee’s name, title, department and manager.
  • With Incydr, you can respond to Insider Risk quickly, whether that be through employee education, automated SOAR action, corrective conversation or legal action.
  • Additionally, Incydr helps you secure the transition to new corporate cloud and email systems by giving you visibility into data outside of your approved system. For example, your organization on the buy-side may use Microsoft OneDrive as your approved file sharing system, but the sell-side organization currently uses Google Drive. Incydr can provide you with unified visibility into both systems while you manage the transition to Microsoft OneDrive. It will also help you to monitor and detect instances of Shadow IT that need to be addressed.

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