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A firsthand look at the SaaS solution and how it works to protect against data leak and theft.

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Introducing Incydr

All tech, no nonsense

Want to learn how Incydr works – and fast? Get a walkthrough of key Incydr detection, investigation and response features in just four minutes. You’ll learn how Incydr helps you see and stop data exfiltration before damage is done.

Using Incydr

Dive into administration scenarios

Learn more about Incydr’s ability to detect and respond to data exposure events.

Investigating a Departing Employee

Implementing Response Controls

Integrations & Automations

See how Incydr works with your tech stack

Details on Incydr’s API-based Exfiltration Detectors, Incydr Flow automations and security integrations.

Incydr Exfiltration Detector for Salesforce

Incydr Flow with CyberArk

Incydr Flow with Slack

Incydr + Splunk Integration

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How Incydr Works: A Technical Overview of the Incydr Product Architecture

This overview outlines Incydr’s product architecture and explains how it meets Insider Risk Management requirements.

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Incydr Trust: Intelligently Differentiate Between Sanctioned & Unsanctioned Activity

With Incydr, security teams can tell the difference between files moving to their corporate account and files moving to a personal one when it involves the same application.

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How Incydr Prioritizes Risk to Data: An Overview of Incydr’s Prioritization Model

Incydr uses Incydr Risk Indicators to prioritize users and events that represent the greatest risk to your organization – then you can know the difference between harmless file movement and data leak or theft.

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Valuable Visibility And Insight

Published 11/9/20

Code42 has been a key partner in developing our Insider Threat Program. We needed a control to validate and record what had been a blind spot for our organization. Code42 delivered these capabilities and more.

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Code42 Was Instrumental In Making Our Insider Threat Management Dreams A Reality

Published 3/2/21

Code42 worked with us to make our insider threat program a reality. The Code42 security success team helped validate and shape the program definition itself while the technical team were instrumental enabling us to roll out the solution to our global fleet on a very aggressive timeline.

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Incydr Product

Published 11/16/20

My experience has been from a security perspective, piloting their Incydr product. I have found the team to be diligent and exceptionally responsive. Many times they have immediately hopped on a call when questions arose. Overall, very satisfied.

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Learn why the most innovative organizations use Code42 Incydr

Get faster detection, investigation and response to data loss caused by insider threats.

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