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IP Theft Protection

Prevent Intellectual Property Theft

Prevent intellectual property theft at your organization

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Intellectual property theft can be carried out by the people closest to sensitive data, including employees or contractors, and it’s among the most damaging security breaches. Check out this video to see how Incydr can stop IP theft and improve your legal posture.

Finding the needle in the haystack

Corporate espionage and intellectual property theft are the problems that security teams throw money,
tech and process at with no way to measure the outcome — until a debilitating leak happens.

But that’s an outdated way of dealing with the problem. Why risk trade secrets on policies and controls that you think are working in the background? Profiling employees and watching their every move is ineffective and deteriorates the collaborative and innovative culture that organizations work so hard to create.


5 Security Flaws That Leave Corporate Counsel Blindsided by IP Theft

How incydr Works

Catch IP theft before trade secrets
walk out the door

  • Get a complete picture of risk exposure across users, contractors, computers, browsers and cloud applications — without burdensome policies or data classification
  • See where sensitive data lives and moves including files that constantly change – like downloads from CRM systems, HR compensation records and source code
  • Get high-fidelity risk signals that filter out the noise of trusted activities to focus on critical risks to intellectual property

Quickly investigate and respond to IP data exfiltration

Incydr flags valuable files such as spreadsheets, presentations and source code without having to know specific file signatures or implement classification tagging.

Immediately see the full context of a sensitive file including where and how it’s been moved and by whom. You can even review file contents to assess criticality.

Respond to critical IP threats immediately with technical response controls and SOAR integrations, or share relevant information with HR or legal teams for rapid escalation.

Want to see Incydr from the inside?

In under four minutes, our product demo provides a walk through of the SaaS solution to show how Incydr can stop data exfiltration before damage is done.

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Use Cases

Explore other Incydr use cases

Remote Workers

Remote workers introduce new security challenges. We help you manage the risk of off-network activity when employees work from home.

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As temporary members of the organization, contractors present a heightened risk for data theft. Monitor files access and flag unusual or unauthorized activity.

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Departing Employees

Most employees take data with them when they leave for their next job. We make sure your most valuable files stay with you.

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