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Departing Employees

Don’t Let Data Leave With Departing Employees

Imagery of data leaving with departing employees

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Departing employees are one of the biggest sources of data loss in an organization, and most exfiltrate data long before a two-week notice. Without the right data protection tools and strategies baked into the offboarding process, most employees will walk out the door with data — and you won’t know until it’s too late.

Departing employees walk out with valuable company data

Whether malicious or because they feel ownership over their work, employees leave with data that has serious implications. Our Annual Data Exposure Report confirms:

1 in 3

chance your company will lose IP when an employee quits.


of security respondents are concerned about employees leaving during the Great Resignation.


don’t know what or how much sensitive data departing employees take to other companies.

2022 Data Exposure report

Workforce volatility & remote work create urgent data exposure challenges

How incydr Works

Prevent untrusted activity when
employees depart

  • Add departing employees to a Watchlist for enhanced monitoring through  workflow automation between Incydr and your HR information system
  • Gain visibility into data movement such as web uploads, file sharing, email attachments, USK, AirDrop, cloud sunce, print activity & more
  • Detect file sharing and exfiltration across computers, cloud and email through an agent and direct integrations
  • Analyze previous data activity to check for anomalies from the last 90 days, when most data exfiltration occurs

Review risky actions and respond confidently

Though Incydr monitors all files, Incydr Risk Indicators (IRIs) automatically focus your attention on data that matters and employees who exhibit risky behavior.

It’s only one click from the Watchlist to see the details of untrusted activity, including the files themselves and who was involved, when and how.

Prevent unintentional data loss by sending automated employee departure awareness training. Immediately escalate risky data movement by sharing relevant information with HR or legal.

Want to see Incydr from the inside?

In under four minutes, our product demo provides a walk through of the SaaS solution to show how Incydr can stop data exfiltration before damage is done.

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