Departing Employees

Make sure employees don’t take files with them when they quit

Most employees take files with them when they leave for a new job. Risk of data exfiltration increases when employees leave for a competitor. And we know this happens because 59% of employees move to a company in the same industry.

Sometimes this is harmless, such as graphic designers adding examples to their portfolios. But not always. Recruiters take org charts and salary information. Engineers take source code. Sales reps take customer lists.

Incydr Solution

Incydr is a SaaS data risk detection and response product for Insider Risk. It correlates three dimensions of risk on files, vectors and users to quickly and accurately detect and respond if employees attempt to steal data when they quit.


How can security make sure employees don’t take files with them when they quit?

  • Incydr detects file sharing and exfiltration across computers, cloud and email through an agent and direct cloud and email integrations.
    Say a member of your sales team has given their notice and your HR system has been updated with their departure date.
  • Within Incydr, the employee will be programmatically added to the risk detection lens for departing employees. This allows security to receive alerts when files are moved from their computer or corporate cloud and email services to an untrusted destination.
  • You'll get a 90-day view of the employee's historical activity as well as alerts on any high-risk movement. The Incydr product will also surface file events with additional risk indicators, such as the employee moving files during times they don't typically work or while off the corporate network. This allows you to quickly prioritize what activity to review first.
  • If something needs to be investigated, you'll get detailed context on the files, vector and user involved and can even review the file contents in question.
  • Incydr allows you to quickly detect, investigate and take action when employees try to take data with them when they quit, whether that be through your SOAR platform, personal outreach to the user, legal escalation or more.

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