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Protect Data During Organizational Change And Transition

Role changes, new management and job restructuring often presents new and heightened data risk, as some employees gain access to new data while others depart voluntarily or involuntarily.

3 sources of data loss during reorganizations

Loss of data during reorganization may happen from minor oversights or sinister intentions.
The risk of data loss increases during the following situations: 

Employees moving within the organization or taking on additional job duties gain access to information and systems they weren’t previously cleared to retrieve.

With multiple employee transfers happening at once, updating everyone’s user access permissions can be easy to forget.

Employees walking out the door may transfer sensitive company data, such as source code or other IP, to their personal devices through cloud or email servers.


How to Navigate Security Through Organizational Change

How incydr Works

Detect risky data activity during organizational change with Incydr

  • Put a focused lens on certain employees by adding them to a Watchlist for enhanced Incydr data activity monitoring
  • Detect all file sharing and exfiltration through an endpoint agent and direct cloud & email integrations
  • Configure alerts for specific activity types or user groups on Watchlists, like users who may be a flight risk in the wake of a reorganization
  • Ensure valuable data isn’t sent to people or places you don’t trust by monitoring all data instead of creating policies or putting up barriers

Investigate with context to drive a rapid response

Incydr Risk Indicators (IRIs) automatically prioritize your critical data risks and embed contextual information right in the alert.

Immediately see the full context on who, what and how of file exfiltration, including reviewing the specific file contents to assess criticality.

Respond with confidence with security awareness training, technical response controls, SOAR integrations, and built-in workflows for a rapid escalated response.

Want to see Incydr from the inside?

In under four minutes, our product demo shows how Incydr can see and stop data leaks – before major damage is done.

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