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Incydr™ Data Breach Protection For Software Companies

Incydr is a purpose-built SaaS solution for tech and software companies.

Measure Your Risk
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Traditional data protection tools don’t work for the tech industry

Data security products that utilize classification and rigid rules to identify sensitive data, trigger alerts, and block file activities stand in the way of innovation. And these systems are only as good as the rules you write:

  • Make rules too sensitive and you trigger false positive alerts that block legitimate work
  • Make rules too specific and high-value data slips past your defenses

The constant fine-tuning drains security time and money while damaging employee productivity. But how do you protect your innovation without something standing between your data and the way employees work today?


Dissonance in Data Security: Why Traditional Security Tools Aren’t Getting the Job Done

Insider Risk Management

So, what works instead?

Incydr™ is a purpose-built Insider Risk Management solution that allows security teams to mitigate file exposure and exfiltration risks without disrupting employee productivity and collaboration.

What Is IRM?

How Incydr Works

3 types of data Incydr protects
from breaches and misuse

Let your engineers work with the tools they need. If source code moves to an untrusted location, even via AirDrop, Incydr will alert you and offer controls to get it resolved quickly.

Salesforce downloads can contain PII, and one accidental email or public link could mean a breach. If someone downloads a Salesforce report and it’s transferred off one of your endpoints or cloud drives, Incydr will let you know.

Product roadmaps shouldn’t follow a departing employee to your competitor. Incydr will show what your employees are emailing to their personal accounts and preserve the evidence you need to investigate.

Why Incydr works for software tech companies

No barriers

Instead of putting up barriers, Incydr ensures your employees and contractors don’t send valuable data to people and places you don’t trust. We show you where and how data is leaving, what activities need review, and how to respond to different types of risk.

Visibility to where data actually lives

From computers to corporate cloud apps (like O365, Google Drive, and Salesforce), to browser uploads, Incydr monitors the places your data lives and moves and identifies untrusted activity without regex policies or proxies. And it works for your whole environment: Mac, Windows, and Linux.

Signals of real risk

Incydr monitors data with an emphasis on signal – weeding out the noise, highlighting critical activity, and giving you the context you need to act with certainty.

What other tech companies are saying about Incydr

“We’re 100% cloud-based so we’re built to enable our employees to be productive and collaborate from home, the road, or the office. Code42 is the only solution we have found that gives us the visibility we need to understand where data is moving, while still letting our team work how—and where—they need to.”

Dustin Fritz, Senior Security Architect at UserTesting

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“I’ve used nearly every DLP solution out there and they’re often so complex, they make your life harder, not easier … Incydr works really nicely so you can figure out what’s happening very quickly and respond right away.”

Tim Briggs, Director of Incident Response at CrowdStrike


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