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Lightweight Data Protection for Tech Trailblazers

Safeguard your source code, customer data, and product designs with Code42 Incydr™. It won’t slow down employee devices or daily work.

Today’s Problem

88% of security professionals want more visibility into source code exfiltrations

Tech professionals understand data protection is non-negotiable – one small leak could derail years of hard work. But traditional methods still fall short in stopping leaks – especially from source code repositories. It’s time for a simple, proactive solution that adapts to industry demands.

How Code42 Stops Source Code Leaks

Code42’s Solution

Better visibility into data leaks from insiders without disrupting users

Code42’s solution to data protection helps software and tech companies see and stop sensitive data from leaving the business before major damage is done – all while boosting productivity for employees and the security team.

Discover Incydr

Quick deployment and detection

Unlike slow to deploy policy-driven solutions, Incydr detects data leaks the day it’s deployed. Gain access to the exact file a user exfiltrates without needing to define all your content. Product roadmaps or customer lists shouldn’t follow employees to their next job.

Prevent unauthorized movement of source code

Let your engineers work freely and securely with Incydr’s lightweight agent. If source code from Git repositories move to an untrusted location, Incydr alerts and offers controls for security to resolve it quickly.

Drive behavior change while simplifying your workload

Boost security effectiveness by ditching the outdated block-first approach. Incydr’s integrated security lessons correct users in real-time, minimizing common employee errors. One Code42 customer saw a 36% drop in risky data sharing within 4 months.

“I’ve used nearly every DLP solution out there and they’re often so complex, they make your life harder, not easier…Incydr works really nicely so you can figure out what’s happening very quickly and respond right away.”

Keep your product source code firmly where it belongs

Our customers save millions of dollars by protecting their source code with Incydr. Let us show how you can do it too.

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worth of source code exfiltrated by a departing employee – discovered by Incydr.

Use Cases

Explore other Incydr use cases

IP Theft

76% of companies have experienced IP loss. Stop your crown jewels from being stolen.

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Departing Employees

Most employees take data with them when they leave for their next job. We make sure your most valuable files stay with you.

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Shadow IT

63% of employees use the tech they want to get their jobs done. Stop your data from moving to unsanctioned applications.

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