Insider Risk Detection & Response

Empower productivity. Protect data. Stop insider threats.


Work has changed.
It's time data protection changed too.

Organizations are moving faster than ever before. End users are creating, modifying, deleting data every second, on their laptops and in the cloud. Employees are being onboarded, enabled, empowered and offboarded, all in a remote world. Your security team needs to keep up with these risks, while remaining compliant, and enabling the business. Security tools like DLP, UEBA and CASB aren’t keeping pace. They typically address a single dimension of risk, take months to deploy, and burden security teams with constant fine-tuning. It’s time for a Zero Trust approach to managing and mitigating data risk from insider threats.


of CISOs believe a fast-paced collaborative culture creates greater risk.


of data breaches involve an insider.


of organizations breached by insider threat had a DLP solution in place.

Introducing IncydrTM

Incydr brings together three dimensions of risk to quickly and accurately detect and respond to insider threat

  • Data: What IP is most valuable to the business?
  • Vector: When, where and how is your IP moving?
  • User: Who is moving it?

What makes Incydr different?

Incydr protects all your valuable IP (source code, customer data, product roadmaps, original content, …) without overwhelming security teams or inhibiting employee productivity. See how Incydr addresses insider threat with unrivaled simplicity, signal and speed.

Reasons to get started

Manage and Mitigate insider risk
  • Detect and respond to data leakage and theft from corporate cloud, email and computer systems
  • Protect data when it’s most likely to be put at risk, such as during employee departure
Secure employee collaboration
  • Oversee file sharing activity in Slack, OneDrive, Google Drive, Box, Zoom and more
  • Use Incydr to inform security strategies and ensure corporate policies are followed
Achieve fast time to value
  • Deploy in less than 48 hours
  • Assess company-wide data risk in under 2 weeks

Incydr: data protection for your
everyday insider threats

Odds are you're experiencing an insider threat right now. Here are
four of the most common times when employees put data at risk:

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This rising tide of insider threats has set the backdrop for our new book, Inside Jobs: Why Insider Risk Is the Biggest Cyber Threat You Can’t Ignore. With work from home on the rise and data moving off company networks, it’s time to rethink approaches to data security. Get practical advice, proven frameworks for assessing risk and how-to’s for building an Insider Risk program.