High Risk Employees

Programmatically protect data by monitoring flight risks and other high-risk employee types

Some employees are more likely than others to put data at risk. Privileged users are a good example due to their system access.

Others include:

  • Flight risk employees such as those who've expressed job dissatisfaction, were turned down for a promotion or have teammate conflicts.
  • Employees with performance concerns, whether that be a negative review, demotion or a performance improvement plan.
  • Remote and traveling employees who work on a variety of networks and are likely to use unsanctioned tools to get their jobs done.
  • A person with poor security awareness who consistently falls for phishing tests or fails security training.
  • Employees whose roles give them access to intellectual property and other company confidential files.

It's critical that employees whose roles, behaviors and access increase risk to the company be monitored more closely for concerning file activity.

Incydr Solution

Incydr is a SaaS data risk detection and response product that allows security teams to effectively mitigate file exposure and exfiltration risks without disrupting legitimate collaboration.


How can security monitor the file activity of privileged users and high risk employees?

  • Incydr detects file sharing and exfiltration across computers, cloud and email through an agent and direct cloud and email integrations.
  • It can integrate with your identity management, HR or other systems to programmatically assign risk factors to categorize employees and add them to alerts. Among others, risk factors include: flight risk, elevated access privileges, and performance concerns.
  • You will be notified when employees move or share files to untrusted places. Incydr will also surface activity with additional risk indicators, such as an employee moving files during times they don't typically work. This allows you to quickly prioritize what activity to review first.
  • If something needs to be investigated, you can view the user's historical activity trends, get detailed context on the files, vector and user involved, and even review the file contents in question.
  • With Incydr, you can document investigation evidence and respond to Insider Risk quickly, whether that be through employee education, automated SOAR action, corrective conversation or legal action.

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