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Templates And Tips To Successfully Stop Data Loss From Insiders

Code42’s IRM Program Launchpad is a self-paced training offering – designed exclusively for Code42 customers.
With the IRM Program Launchpad, you have access to a range of training modules, tools
and templates to help you stop data loss from insiders with less effort.

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Security woman is working on her computer, and the computer screen displays Code42's IRM Launchpad Program.

No need to recreate the wheel – we’ll help get you started

Building an Insider Risk or Data Loss Protection program can be intimidating. We built the Launchpad to help you address hurdles like:

  • Where do I start with our limited capacity? 
  • How do I get stakeholders onboard and communicate their role in the program? 
  • How do we maintain employee privacy?
  • How do we communicate expectations to employees?

Code42 customers get actionable resources in order to launch and mature their IRM program, increase effectiveness, and maximize program ROI without extra legwork.

Topics that are covered in IRM Program Launchpad

Establish or enhance your program by implementing transparency, training, and trust into your company culture 

Discover the risks of Generative AI, such as IP loss and leak, IP infringement in data sourcing, and bias of output, and learn best practices to mitigate these risks

Strike the balance between protection and privacy with GDPR best practices and see real world examples of what happens when someone is non-compliant

Respond to the full spectrum of risk in a way that protects data without being disruptive or burdensome and take advantage of our response playbooks and attestation templates

Learn why departing employees are a risk and how to manage Insider Risk posed by an employee leaving your company – whether voluntarily or not

Explore additional IRM resources such as communication templates, security toolkits for layoffs, and external resources from other industry leaders regarding IRM programs

Learn why the most innovative organizations use Code42 Incydr

Our products do the hard work for you – see and stop data leak and theft caused by employees.

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