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Eliminate Data Risk Caused By Contractors And Third Parties

Eliminate data risk caused by contractors and third parties


Organizations in every sector depend on independent contractors, vendor partners and consultants to provide temporary help using their specialized knowledge and skills. However, temporary employees and other third parties with authorized access to company data can present a significant Insider Risk to damaging data exfiltration.

Why contractors are a high risk for data exfiltration

Contractors connect to networks with their own devices and may use apps not sanctioned for employees, creating blind spots in data security posture.

By design, these employees have not bought into your culture and operate with different security standards. This increases the risk of both unintentional or negligent data leaks, as well as intentional data theft.

Contractors and consultants often stay within the same industry when they take their next job, which heightens the risk of exfiltrating proprietary data to a direct competitor.


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How incydr Works

Incydr™ highlights data risk from contractors
and third parties

Stops data leaks and reduce your organization’s Insider Risk over time with a comprehensive understanding of your risk exposure and which activities require security intervention.

  • Put a focused lens on contractors by adding them to a Watchlist for enhanced Incydr data activity monitoring
  • Detect all file sharing and exfiltration through an endpoint agent and direct cloud & email integrations
  • Ensure valuable data isn’t sent to people or places you don’t trust without slowing the business down by monitoring all data instead of creating policies or putting up barriers

Investigate & respond rapidly — before damage is done

Incydr Risk Indicators (IRIs) automatically prioritize your critical data risks and embed contextual information right in the alert.

Immediately see the full context on who, what and how of file exfiltration, including reviewing the specific file contents to assess criticality.

Respond with confidence with security awareness training, technical response controls, SOAR integrations, and built-in workflows for a rapid escalated response.

Want to see Incydr from the inside?

In under four minutes, our product demo provides a walk through of the SaaS solution to show how Incydr can stop data exfiltration before damage is done.

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