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Source Code Detection

Secure Source Code From Exfiltration Attempts

Proprietary source code is a highly prized asset – and the damage of it leaking can cost a business $16 million.

Code42 Incydr ™ monitors and can prevent Git commands from being pushed to and pulled from untrusted repositories, enabling security teams to protect high-value IP.

The Problem

Your security policies aren’t stopping engineers from stealing source code

Companies have long fought to keep proprietary source code from leaking and landing in the hands of competitors. Engineers looking to steal code for personal benefit can use Git for exfiltration to personal repositories. Securing Git is a sensible first step, but challenges still remain for security teams:

Minimal visibility into the nature of Git pushes
Difficulty policing Git pulls and pushes without harming productivity
Lack of controls to respond appropriately to Git exfiltrations

Source Code Leak In The News

Twitter says parts of the company’s source code had been leaked on Github

The Solution

Catch high-risk source code leaks with Incydr’s Git Detection 

Keep a close watch over proprietary source code and ensure it never leaves your company with Code42 Incydr. Be alerted the moment source code exfiltration is initiated and leverage appropriate response controls to stop the movement of high-value IP dead in its tracks.

How exactly does Incydr keep source code safe and secure?

Visibility into all Git push/pull activity (whether it’s alerted on or not)

Accurately differentiate between sanctioned or unsanctioned Git activity

Automatically send Instructor educational micro-trainings to developers for low-risk exfiltrations

Swiftly answer source code theft attempts with endpoint containment controls

Our customers keep their source code firmly where it belongs

And you can too – Code42’s data protection solutions will keep intellectual property within your organization’s boundaries.

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