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Insider Risk Employee Education

User-friendly security education for who, where and when it’s needed most.

Change user behavior and reduce Insider Risk

Instructor helps you educate employees on security best practices

What makes Instructor™ different?

Code42 Instructor is employee security education tailor made to reduce Insider Risk. From proactive organization-wide and department-level lessons to situation specific persona and technology lessons to responsive user-specific lessons triggered by user activity, Instructor provides what is needed to truly change user behavior and reduce Insider Risk. With Code42 Instructor, security teams are able to:

  • Promote and ensure data use policy compliance
  • Enable and empower a more risk-aware workforce
  • Reduce accidental & negligent employee data leaks
  • Measure, report and improve organization-wide Insider Risk posture


Proactive Insider Risk lessons are compliance focused and culture minded meaning they are designed to empower employees to do the right thing and are SCORM ready to plug and play into any security awareness and training program. Examples of proactive Instructor Lessons include:

  • Organization wide lessons like Insider Risk & You
  • Department-level lessons like Keeping Source Code safe
  • Collaboration lessons like Avoiding Common Data Risks using Office365


Situational real-time Insider Risk lessons targeted for specific users or groups of users that are in the moment, engaging and relevant to the employee lifecycle. Examples of situational Instructor Lessons include:

  • Departing Employee: Dos-and-Don’ts
  • Users with Elevated Access: Avoiding common data risks
  • New Employee: Dos-and-Don’ts


Responsive Insider Risk lessons are user-focused to provide just-in time training, user-friendly to deliver education in helpful, bite-sized chunks, and user-specific meaning they are triggered by unsafe user behavior or activity.  Examples of responsive Instructor Lessons include:

  • What to do when your Mac is syncing to your personal iCloud?
  • What unsafe sharing on Google Drive looks like?
  • Why using personal email to send corporate data is unsafe?

How to buy Instructor

Available in two packages, Code42 Instructor accommodates organizations at different levels of Insider Risk maturity.

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