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Repeat Offenders

Monitor & Stop Users Who Violate Security Policies

Whether working fast or ignoring the rules, not all employees respond to correction. When education isn’t enough, Code42 Incydr™ monitors and prevents risk to data caused by repeat offenders. 

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The Problem

Let’s face it, not every employee will “get the program”

Files don’t move themselves. Behind every data risk event is an employee who likely didn’t follow the rules. When dealing with this “human element,” security teams face current challenges like:

No visibility into users who repeatedly put data at risk
Data leaks continue despite empathetic employee correction
Lack of accountability for employees who don’t follow security policy

The Solution

Implement real-time blocking when employee behavior doesn’t change

Code42’s Incydr™ & Instructor™ offer a holistic approach to response from correction to prevention. While Instructor microtrainings are key to reducing risk, some users simply won’t change. When the behavior continues, Incydr allows security teams to block file exfiltration for repeat offenders.

Incydr is built to protect data risks from repeat offenders

Visibility into all untrusted data activities including web uploads, file sharing, email attachments, USB, Airdrop, cloud sync & more

Prevent your highest-risk users from sending data to untrusted destinations with real-time blocking

Correct users when data is shared incorrectly using Code42 Instructor lessons that prevent risky activity from becoming the norm

Learn why the most innovative organizations use Code42

Let us show you how they see and stop data leaks with Incydr and Instructor.

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