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Complete Visibility Of Data Exposure In Mac Environments

When it comes to your Mac users, what data exfiltration aren’t you seeing? Code42 Incydr™ provides the data visibility you are missing – across Windows, Linux and Mac endpoints.

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The Problem

Macs introduce new data risk challenges for security

As more companies adopt Macs for their business operating system, they open themselves up to a new set of security concerns they might not be prepared for. With Incydr, you can easily address these new challenges without disrupting productivity or bogging down your security team.

The Solution

Get control of all data across corporate computer, cloud, email systems and more

Incydr allows you to detect and respond to data exposure and exfiltration across Windows, Linux and Mac environments. Incydr logs every file event and enriches it with context on the vector, file and user to determine what represents real risk. This allows Incydr to reduce alerts and investigation time and also to remediate risk that goes unnoticed by traditional DLP tech.

Detect when files go to destinations you don’t trust

Automatically prioritize data risk with transparent scoring

Respond appropriately with a full spectrum of response controls 

Benefits of Incydr

Incydr is optimized for Mac environments

Day 1 support for every new macOS
A single management console for your whole environment, including different operating systems
Feature parity between Windows, Linux and Mac
AirDrop exfiltration detection
iCloud exfiltration detection

Join the most innovative companies and secure your data on all endpoints and in the cloud

See how Incydr can protect your organization from data loss, leak or theft across all environments — including Macs.

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Use Cases

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