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How It Works

Incydr™ Is A SaaS Solution With An Extensible Cloud Architecture

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Better data protection for a fraction of the effort

Only Incydr lets you see and stop data theft without the heavy burden on your security team or disruption to end users. Organizations use Incydr instead of complex DLP, CASB and UEBA deployments.

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Monitors endpoint, cloud and browsers with a SaaS architecture

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Integrates with 30+ partners to leverage your tech stack

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Detects data theft on day 1 without policy setup

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Doesn’t slow employee devices or block sanctioned activity

Customer Story

“We had a guy about to leave the company — a very senior person — and we saw he had just downloaded every single file that he owned onto a USB drive. Every single PowerPoint he’d worked on, every bit of client info — everything. It was eye-opening.” 
CIO at a Global Media Agency

How Incydr works

  • Monitor all the places your data lives to identify when files move outside your trusted environment
  • Stop data loss from insiders such as departing employees and contractors
  • Automate response controls to correct user mistakes, block file activity, and contain insider threats 
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Cross-platform endpoint agent

  • Windows, Mac, Linux
  • Typically less than 1% CPU, ≤ 50MB memory

30+ Integrations

  • IAM & PAM
  • SIEM
  • HRIS

Monitor corporate apps

  • Cloud: OneDrive, Google Drive, Box
  • Email: Office365, Gmail
  • Apps: Salesforce, Git

Developer resources

  • Open API with published documentation
  • SDK & CLI

Tech that stands out

Monitor Git push and pull commands to detect when files from your corporate repository are sent to an untrusted or personal repository.

Block unacceptable data movement for your highest risk users,without the burden, inaccuracy, and endpoint impact of content-based prevention.

Download and view the actual contents of exfiltrated files to verify their sensitivity and value. Retain files as evidence.

Native, non-disruptive agent with a history of day 1 support for new macOS versions.

Incydr uses the source of files to “classify” them without requiring data tagging or content inspection.

Get detailed event info on file uploads to web without proxies or TLS inspection.

Detect exports to personal devices and gain visibility into all data fields within the report.

Identify untrusted activity without policy management using Incydr’s Trust methodology. Even trusted activity is logged for reference.

Easily query a company-wide index of all metadata without strain on endpoints. The device doesn’t need to be online for investigation.

Did You Know?

There's a 1 in 3 chance your company loses IP when an employee quits. See if it's happening at your organization during the Incydr POV.

3 ways Incydr mitigates risk to data

Pinpoints Exposure

Defined and Inferred Trust capabilities automatically distinguish between trusted activity and data exposure.

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Prioritizes Risk

More than 250 Incydr Risk Indicators transparently score and prioritize risky file activity.

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Automates Response 

A complete range of response controls to support the full spectrum of insider events – from mistake to threat.

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Product Overview

How Incydr™ Works: A Technical Overview of the Incydr Product Architecture


Powerful integrations to build your security ecosystem


SOAR playbooks leverage Incydr’s context-driven alerts to automatically initiate right-sized response controls to contain, resolve and educate on data leak events via technologies like IAM, PAM and EDR/XDR.

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Incydr sends prioritized alerts with contextual Incydr Risk Indicator intel to your SIEM, allowing you to streamline your SOC triage process through a central workflow. A single click brings you to Incydr for investigation and follow up.

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Incydr Flows with HR Information Systems allow you to automatically add users to Watchlists based on user attributes and lifecycle milestones. For example, automatically add all departing employees to a Watchlist for enhanced monitoring before their departure.

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Incydr Flows with IAM platforms allow you to automatically add users to Watchlists as well as contain data exposure by removing user access to applications when data risk is detected.

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Incydr Flows with PAM platforms allow you to automatically add users to Watchlists as well as contain data exposure by removing user access to sensitive vaults when data risk is detected.

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Let Incydr do the hard work for you – see and stop data leak and theft caused by employees.

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