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Protect Data From Leaving During
Company Layoffs

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Layoffs increase the risk of data exfiltration events for several reasons. Rumors of layoffs spur proactive job searching and decreased loyalty, making employees more likely to take valuable files they believe can help them land their next gig. The organizational change inherent in layoffs also presents the risk of security policy gaps, privileged access abuse and other logistical oversights that can increase the likelihood of data exfiltration going unnoticed.

Why layoffs have increased the risk of data exfiltration

72% of departing employees admit to taking files with them when they leave.

(2021 Data Exposure Report)

Whether they face termination or not, rumors of layoffs can lead disgruntled employees to commit data theft or even data sabotage by deleting critical data entirely.

The logistical challenges of layoffs and reorganizations can lead to oversights and security gaps that increase the risk of data exfiltration going undetected.


How Business Leaders Can Help Stop Departing Employee Risk

How incydr Works

Detect data exfiltration before terminated employees walk out the door

  • Put a focused lens on terminated employees by adding them to a Watchlist for enhanced Incydr data activity monitoring
  • Analyze previous data activity to check for anomalies from the last 90 days
  • Detect all file sharing and exfiltration through an endpoint agent and direct cloud & email integrations
  • Ensure valuable data isn’t sent to people or places you don’t trust without slowing the business down by monitoring all data instead of creating policies or putting up barriers

Investigate & respond before damage is done

Insider Risk Indicators (IRIs) automatically focus your attention on your most critical data risks.

Immediately see the full context on who, what and how of file exfiltration, including reviewing the specific file contents to assess criticality.

Respond quickly with confidence with technical response controls, SOAR integrations, or sharing relevant information with HR or legal.

Want to see Incydr from the inside?

In under four minutes, our product demo shows how Incydr can see and stop data leaks – before major damage is done.

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The logistical challenges of reorganizations can lead to security gaps that increase the risk of data exfiltration going undetected.

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