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Security Awareness Training

Improve Employee Security Habits To Reduce Data Risks

Employee mistakes and other low-risk data activities are the most common events. When Code42 Incydr™ detects these events, it can automatically send Instructor™ security trainings to correct mistakes in real-time.

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The Problem

Employee mistakes drain security’s time

Reviewing low-risk detected events takes up a lot of valuable time and resources for security teams. Without accountability, employees are likely to keep making the same risky mistakes. This is where security awareness training becomes crucial for a solid data protection program. Users must be held responsible in a manner that is effective and doesn’t hinder their productivity.

The Solution

Bite-sized educational videos that address every day security risks

Enter Code42 Instructor™ – user-friendly security lessons that are non-accusatory and personable, which allows users to learn from their mistakes and build a positive relationship with the security team. The video to the right is a real lesson employees receive in response to using unapproved corporate sharing platforms.


reduction in low and moderate data sharing activity – after just 4 months of using Code42 Instructor.

– Data collected from CrowdStrike, a Code42 customer

Benefits of using Instructor with Code42 Incydr

Correct in real-time

Incydr automatically sends Instructor video lessons based on alert rules defined by the analyst, which means users receive training as soon as they make a mistake.

Save time for security

As users are trained on security best practices, analysts should see a reduction in alerts which means you can focus more on high-risk security events.

Measure behavior change and improvements

Use Incydr’s visibility to see where Instructor lessons have helped reduce data exposure and where more training may be necessary, and measure behavior improvements over time.

Foster a security-first organization

Instructor’s library of video lessons always presume positive intent, which empowers employees to better understand their own data risk and do the right thing to reduce accidents in the future.

$$$$ just got real. Data leaks from insiders happen daily.

Don’t be the next company to hit headlines for a data breach. Our customers remediate massive insider incidents before major damage is done.

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of sales data prevented from moving to an external drive – thanks to Incydr.

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