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Product Overview

See & Stop Data Loss With Incydr™

Code42 Incydr helps you quickly see and stop data leak and theft in one platform, eliminating the need for DLP, CASB, and UEBA in most organizations.

Secure your critical data without the traditional perimeter

Stop guessing where your data is going. Incydr data protection detects both known and unknown data risks automatically, offering tailored response options. This is done without slowing users down or creating extra work for security teams.

Detect data theft on day 1 — no policies needed
Tailor your response based on the incident
Maintain productivity for security & employees

Quickly detect both known and unknown data exfiltrations

Security teams manage millions of files and face countless potential leak points – from USB drives and cloud apps, to Salesforce, email, Generative AI, source code, and more. Incydr provides comprehensive coverage across all with full cloud and endpoint visibility. 

Pair that with Incydr’s contextual prioritization system, PRISM, and you’ve got an easy way to to identify data exfiltration involving intellectual property without the need for complex policies or rules. This out-of-the-box solution is ready to detect threats from day one.

How Incydr prioritizes data risk

Contain data leaks without disrupting employees

Security teams often take a block-first approach to response. The problem is, that forces users to find workarounds to policies and creates more risk (and work) for security.

With Incydr, you can tailor your response strategy to the offender and the offense and respond appropriately to every type of event – from mistake to threat. This is crucial to correct user mistakes, document and investigate true threats, and block unacceptable activity from high-risk individuals.

View all response controls

Less work for you and less complaints from users

Traditional data protection solutions cause internal battles – but not Incydr. It seamlessly integrates with cross-functional systems such as messaging, HCM and ITMS systems, and has a lightweight agent that doesn’t slow down devices.

It has built-in security training that is a win-win – employees complain less about security getting in the way of work, and security can focus their time on bigger data risks.

Plus, we provide a success map so you can avoid concerns around employee privacy or stakeholder roles.

How Code42 supports program set-up

“I’ve used nearly every DLP solution out there and they’re often so complex, they make your life harder, not easier…Incydr works really nicely so you can figure out what’s happening very quickly and respond right away.”

Can you put a price tag on your company’s IP?

Don’t be the next company to hit headlines for a data breach. Our customers remediate massive insider incidents before major damage is done.

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worth of deleted files helped disprove lawsuit accusations – thanks to Incydr.
Incydr is on AWS Marketplace

If you have an Enterprise Discount Plan with AWS, use your committed spend to purchase Incydr.