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Detect And Respond To Insider Risk With Incydr™

Incydr gives you the visibility, context and control needed to stop data leak and IP theft.

Protect data without
disrupting collaboration

Incydr helps you stop data leak and IP theft.

Understand your risk

Detect file exfiltration via web browsers, USB, cloud apps, email, file link sharing, Airdrop, and more. See how files are moved and shared across your entire organization – without the need for policies, proxies or plugins. Incydr automatically identifies when files move outside your trusted environment, allowing you to easily detect when files are sent to personal accounts and unmanaged devices.

Detection Features

  • Incydr Risk Dashboards
  • Exfiltration Detectors including Salesforce, Microsoft & Gmail
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Moving image that scrolls through Incydr's Risk Exposure Dashboard.
Moving image that highlights Incydr Risk Indicators that allow users to see high priority file movements.

Review only what matters

Incydr prioritizes file activity based on 120+ contextual Incydr Risk Indicators (IRIs). This prioritization works on day 1 without any configuration. Incydr’s risk scoring logic is use case-driven and transparent to administrators. Incydr uses Watchlists to programmatically protect data from employees who are most likely to leak or steal files, such as departing employees.

Investigation Features

  • Incydr Risk Indicators
  • Watchlists
  • Forensic Search
  • Cases
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Respond with confidence

Take action with appropriate responses to contain, resolve and educate on detected risk. Use Incydr Flows or SOAR integrations to initiate response controls that are proportionate to an activity’s risk severity. You’ll stop data leaks without getting in the way of employee collaboration and sanctioned file activity.

Response Features

  • Incydr Flows
  • SOAR Playbooks
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Moving image displaying how an Incydr Flow can automatically contain, resolve and educate on risky file movement.

Drive secure work habits

Improving your Insider Risk posture requires a change in employee behavior. Code42 Instructor provides bite-sized training to employees, delivered when they need it. Use Instructor in tandem with Incydr to send responsive video lessons when employees put data at risk. You’ll ensure appropriate data governance and compliance with security standards and corporate policies as well as report on the positive impact of your Insider Risk Management program.

Education Features

  • Proactive Insider Risk lessons
  • Situational real-time Insider Risk lessons
  • Responsive Insider Risk lessons
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How Incydr Better Addresses Insider Risk

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Hear what our customers have to say

“With Incydr, we have the assurance that, regardless of where our employees are working, we’re going to be able to see what data they’re accessing and where it goes.”

Jae Ward, Security Analyst at Lyft