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Total Economic Impact™ of Code42 Incydr: A Forrester Study

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Code42 Incydr achieves a 172% ROI, according to Forrester TEI Study 

Discover the value of Incydr data protection in Forrester’s 2023 Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study commissioned by Code42, which provides a comprehensive review of the product's return on investment (both tangible and unquantified) to a composite organization comprised of interviewees with experience using Incydr.

Why should you download this study? Because it's packed with real-world evidence and data from organizations just like yours who've seen firsthand the transformational power of Incydr. It's not just about the numbers – it's about redefining your approach to data security for a safer, more efficient business.

Key Incydr ROI takeaways from the study:

1. Maximizes team efficiency

Code42 Incydr reduces manual investigations by 35%, freeing up security teams to focus on critical tasks.

2. Boosts incident response time

Forrester highlights a 50% reduction in the time taken to investigate medium and high-risk incidents.

3. Prevent financial loss from data exposure

Forrester reveals a 40% reduction in financial loss per major data exfiltration incident.

4. Experience unquantified benefits

The study mentions legal efficiencies, unexpected cost savings, compliance efficiencies, data infiltration efficiencies, and superior provider support as additional benefits.

Forrester calculated the value that  Incydr data protection brings to a business would be paid back in under 6 months. Dive into the Forrester TEI of Code42 Incydr to get more cost saving analyses like this one, and discover how the data protection solution can redefine your security landscape.

Do you need help building a business case for Incydr?

We've done the prep work for you – make a copy of these Google Slides and edit them to present to your organization!