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Incydr™ + Salesforce

Detect when Salesforce reports are downloaded to unmanaged devices


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How the integration works

As the market-leading CRM solution, Salesforce is widely adopted and integral to the success of most organizations. Yet, it also represents a high-risk method of exfiltration since users can export reports with customer data, pricing information, prospect lists, and more to their personal phones and computers. Incydr integrates with Salesforce to detect when reports are exfiltrated to unmanaged devices so you can take quick action.

Key features

  • Exfiltration detection: Incydr sees when reports are downloaded to untrusted, unmonitored devices such as personal laptops and phones. You won’t be alerted when reports are downloaded to managed corporate devices since this represents normal work activity.
  • Comprehensive report detail: Quickly determine the sensitivity and scope of report contents by viewing the headers and row count. You can also review the unique report ID.
  • API-based: Easily authorize monitoring using administrator credentials. Incydr supports both Salesforce Sales Cloud and Salesforce Service Cloud for organizations whose licenses include Salesforce Shield or Real-Time Event Monitoring.

Benefits of the integration

Protect confidential data

Protect confidential and regulated information by ensuring you are alerted when reports are downloaded to unmanaged devices, such as personal laptops or phones

Speed investigation time

Quickly assess the risk of events by reviewing all header and row information associated with the export

Simple deployment

There’s no additional network layer technology for security teams to deploy and manage and it works regardless of network, making it perfect for organizations with distributed workforces

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