Insider Threat Protection – 60 Days Free

Code42 has the capability to give you a cross-company view into off-network file activity, including cloud sync applications and web uploads. It allows you to validate proper use of company collaboration tools, including Slack and OneDrive. This capability allows you to quickly detect, investigate and respond to data exfiltration by remote employees.

For companies with 200+ employees, we’d like to give you our best product plan at no cost for 60 days, with no commitment whatsoever.

What Our Customers Say

"I really love that our visibility to data movement is not impacted by people working remotely now that we are becoming an increasingly remote workforce. I am so glad we made the decision to go with Code42."
David Chiang
IT System Engineer at MACOM
"If it wasn't for the Code42 ability to actually see the files, we wouldn't really understand what the person is doing... it provides us both speed and thoroughness of investigations."
Tim Briggs
Director of Incident Response and eDiscovery at Crowdstrike