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Remote Workforce

Gain Visibility Into Remote Work Data Activity

Code42 Incydr™ uses an endpoint agent and direct cloud connections to monitor file activity for all users, wherever they may be working.

Imagery of remote workforce data leaks

The Problem

Remote work introduced new data security challenges

With hybrid workforces here to stay, security must rethink how they tackle data protection – especially when employees are not leveraging their corporate VPN. Three common remote work security challenges include:

Lack of visibility when employees work off-network
Use of unsanctioned collaboration software
Difficulty enforcing policies and maintain compliance

The Solution

Hybrid workforces require modern data protection like Incydr

Code42 Incydr takes a new approach to data protection with end-to-end visibility of all data movement in your organization. Its automatic prioritization of risky data activity uncovers data leaks that even the strictest and most complex policies don’t catch.

Incydr is built to protect remote work data risks

What makes Incydr stand out?

Visibility into all untrusted data activities including web uploads, file sharing, email attachments, USB, Airdrop, cloud sync & more

Investigate employee file activity even when not connected to VPN

Differentiate between remote and in-network activity by adding IP ranges to the product

How Does Incydr Work?

Learn why the most innovative organizations use Code42

Our products do the hard work for you – see and stop data leak and theft caused by employees.

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Use Cases

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As temporary members of the organization, contractors present a heightened risk for data theft. Monitor files access and flag unusual or unauthorized activity.

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IP Theft

76% of companies have experienced IP loss. Stop your crown jewels from being stolen.

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Departing Employees

Most employees take data with them when they leave for their next job. We make sure your most valuable files stay with you.

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