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Deploying Incydr

Get started in under 20 hours of committed time. See value in your first week.

Spend less time administrating and more time reducing risk

Incydr is a SaaS solution with open APIs and many pre-built integrations.

Our experts help you deploy in hours to achieve business value in days.

It works with what you’ve got. Windows, Mac, Linux. GSuite or Microsoft 365.

Deployment timeline

Pre Kickoff

First thing first, we’ll introduce ourselves and schedule your deployment start date via email.

Customer Experience

“We had a guy about to leave the company — a very senior person — and we saw he had just downloaded every single file that he owned onto a USB drive. Every single PowerPoint he’d worked on, every bit of client info — everything. It was eye-opening.”

Work with a team committed to your success

Customer Success Manager
  • Primary point of contact after signature
  • Informs you of new product functionalities and facilitates subscription updates
  • Connects you with other team members as needed
Systems Engineer
  • Demonstrates new functionalities
  • Provides technical recommendations to support your product use cases
Technical Support
  • In-house support team based in the United States
  • Contact via web and phone for fast and knowledgeable product support
Security woman is working on her computer, and the computer screen displays Code42's IRM Launchpad Program.

Increase the effectiveness of your data loss program without extra legwork

Code42’s IRM Program Launchpad is a self-paced training offering that gives you access to a range of training modules, tools, and templates to help you successfully address the risk of data loss due to insiders with the resources and capabilities you already have.

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Frequently asked questions

Best-in-class support for your team

After you deploy, get real-time answers and fixes for the occasional hiccups from knowledgeable staff.

Reach out by web ticket, chat, or phone to get the help you need, however you need.

We offer 24/7 support for urgent priority issues so you always get the critical help you need, when you need it.

Code42’s support team, the “Customer Champions,” is always ready to provide a great experience.


Let’s talk tech

Identity management

Incydr’s identity management functionality is an important security feature that allows you to give users access to the right resources within Code42. 

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Incydr Software Requirements

Most employees take data with them when they leave for their next job. We make sure your most valuable files stay with you.

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Deploying the Code42 Agent

Programmatically protect data by monitoring flight risks and other high-risk employee types.

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“Incydr’s setup is very simple, without developing any policies in advance.”

“Our cooperation with Code42 was very easy and comfortable. The trial was initiated very quickly. The setup is very simple, without developing any policies in advance. You can really start right away.”

Gartner Review Aug 10, 2023

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Can you put a price tag on your company’s IP?

Don’t be the next company to hit headlines for a data breach. Our customers remediate massive insider incidents before major damage is done.

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worth of deleted files helped disprove lawsuit accusations – thanks to Incydr.