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Security Education

Prevent Data Loss Without Draining Security’s Time

Improve employee security habits and reduce data risk with Code42 Instructor™ security education. Get access to 70+ video lessons that can be sent directly from Incydr to correct employee mistakes as they happen.

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What is Instructor?

Bite-sized educational videos that address every day security risks

Code42 Instructor is user-friendly security education to help inform employees on security best practices. Instructor lessons are non-accusatory and personable, which allows users to learn from their mistakes and build a positive relationship with the security team. The video below is a real lesson employees receive in response to using unapproved corporate sharing platforms.

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Responsive Lessons

Provide just-in-time training to reduce accidental and negligent data leaks


Situational Lessons

Target specific users as their roles and responsibilities change



Teach Insider Risk 101 and promote employee policy comprehension


Cybersecurity Awareness 

Train employees on cybersecurity fundamentals like phishing and generative AI

How It Works

Send video lessons to respond to detected Incydr events

When Incydr flags a low-risk security event, like moving a file to an unapproved Google Drive, employees will receive a video lesson stating what they did wrong and the best way to prevent this mishap in the future. A Code42 customer calculated a 36% reduction in low and moderate data sharing activity after just 4 months of implementing Instructor.

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Why It Matters

Less employee mistakes means more time back for security

Employee mistakes and other low-risk data activities are the most common events. Reviewing these consume a significant amount of security analysts’ time, and without accountability, employees are prone to repeating these risky actions. With Instructor, users can learn from their mistakes in real-time, fostering accountability without disrupting their productivity. And the best part? Security gets time back to investigate more critical threats.


reduction in low and moderate data sharing activity – after just 4 months of using Code42 Instructor.

– Data collected from CrowdStrike, a Code42 customer

Benefits of using Instructor with Incydr


Incydr automatically sends Instructor video lessons based on alert rules defined by the analyst, which means users receive training as soon as they make a mistake.


Security leadership can measure user behavior change and improvements to risk posture over time. Use Incydr’s visibility to see where Instructor lessons have helped reduce data exposure and where more training may be necessary.


Reduce alert noise and save analyst time. As users are trained on security best practices, analysts should see a reduction in alerts which means you can focus more on high-risk security events.


Instructor’s library of video lessons always presume positive intent, which empowers employees to better understand their own data risk and do the right thing to reduce accidents in the future (which means less alerts for you!).

Free up time to focus on your most critical data risks

Let Instructor automatically triage moderate and low risk events – so you can focus your time on the more critical threats.

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Integrate Instructor with your learning management system

Easily plug Code42 Instructor’s video lessons into your learning management system (LMS) in order to send proactive Instructor lessons as well as audit and report on completion rates.

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Incydr reduces low-risk events by 40% with Instructor lessons

According to the composite organization in Forrester TEI™ results.

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