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About Us

Securing The Collaboration Culture. That’s Our Purpose.

We’re Hiring

Join a growing cybersecurity company that thrives on innovation and collaboration.

We’re here to support organizations made up of people that move fast and think big. The ones who work together to solve hard problems and who relentlessly pursue better.

We Are

Accelerators of innovation.
Enablers of collaboration.
Protectors of

Our Approach

A new approach to data security

We are not new to the cyber security scene — but our approach to Insider Risk protection is. For nearly 20 years, we’ve been safeguarding the ideas of the most innovative organizations, including 18 of the world’s most valuable brands. And as their needs — and the needs of their workforce — have evolved, so have our data security solutions.

Today, our team is focused on delivering solutions built with the modern-day collaborative culture in mind. Tracking activity across computers, email and the cloud, our SaaS-based Insider Risk Management solutions surface and prioritize file exposure and exfiltration events that represent real business threats, need investigation and response.

Here’s the game changer: we do this without locking down access to data. The end result? For security practitioners, it means speed to detection and response. For companies, it means a collaborative workforce that is productive and a business that is secure.

Our Awards

We are committed to leading with fresh ideas on securing the collaboration culture. See our latest awards.

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Our Leaders

Our leaders know what it takes to build a progressive security-minded culture because that’s who we are. Meet the team driving our innovation.

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Our People

With affinity groups like GenderEquity@Code42, Queer42, People of Color at Code42 as well as our Code42 Foundation, we’re investing in each other and the communities around us.

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Our Customers

Learn why the most innovative organizations
use Code42 Incydr™

Our customers come in all shapes and sizes from a variety of industries, including high-tech, consulting, manufacturing, media and entertainment, biotech/pharma, insurance and higher education.

Our Values

Values we live by to get our jobs done

Get it done. Do it right.

To ‘get it done’ has an obvious definition – to do a job with expertise, understanding of the customer needs, and to produce positive results. To ‘do it right’ means we equally value positive workplace behaviors such as teamwork, optimism, enthusiasm, integrity and accountability.

Do what is best for the customer.

We do what is best for the customer. It’s simple. Always do what is best for the customer. We care deeply about the customer experience and our part in helping our customers achieve success.

Relentlessly pursue better.

This is not the relentless pursuit of perfection. It’s doing our jobs better than we did the day before. It’s viewing mistakes as learning opportunities and openly accepting constructive feedback because we know it will help us grow.

Don’t wait.

In the race for innovation and securing the collaboration culture, we believe courageous risk-taking is crucial to meeting our customers’ needs. We want to be ready to provide the latest cutting-edge products so that our customer’s data is safe. In the Insider Risk space, we are here to lead. That means moving at pace.

Team first.

As great team players, we always put the team first. We work hard, develop ourselves and do whatever it takes to move the team forward. We serve the team.

Leave the world a better place.

This is not just a value, it’s a purpose. We come together to create, build, impact one another, and to be a part of something greater than ourselves. We care about people, our communities, the planet, and our customers.

Our Locations


100 Washington Ave S.
Suite 2000
Minneapolis, MN 55401
United States



1601 Wewatta St
Suite 750
Denver, CO
United States


Washington, D.C.

11800 Sunrise Valley Drive
Suite 1425
Reston, VA
United States



788 Circle 75 Parkway
Suite 760
Atlanta, GA
United States