Security Insights

Speed up your threat response by simplifying complex data

Visualize data

A single view for backup and security status.

Code42 Security Insights screenshot.

Real-time visibility

Visualize critical backup and security triggers on a single dashboard.

Translate complex data

Simplify the clutter of .csv data into powerful visuals.

Integrate your SIEM

Utilize SIEM solutions like Splunk to consolidate multiple data sources.

Analyze data trends

Understand multiple event vectors from across the organization.

Enforce data protection

Quickly see which endpoints are backing up and explore data restore trends.

Prevent data exfiltration

Instantly identify data transfers to personal cloud accounts, removable media or file uploads.

Conduct forensic investigations

Explore a complete history of security events over time and identify risky users.

A single dashboard for data protection and visibility.

A consolidated dashboard view aggregates all backup and security data trends across your endpoints.

Respond with data

Apply the facts to every incident response.

  • Know the severity level. Utilize data trends to understand the impact of a security incident.
  • Communicate what's required. Events triggered by user activity and backups equip you with accurate data points to frame communications.
  • Alerts based on true-positives. Configure alerts to be notified of the security events that truly matter. No more false positives.

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