Legal Hold

Collect, preserve and analyze endpoint files for litigation


Speed up preservation and collection of electronically stored information (ESI).

Code42 Legal Hold screenshot.

Data preservation

Legal or IT personnel can preserve custodian data in only a few clicks. Configure which files and file versions are preserved, for which employees, and for how long. Files are automatically backed up using the Code42 application and preserved in the Code42 Cloud.

Data collection

Legal or IT personnel can remotely collect custodian files without manually locating users or taking devices away from employees. Simply restore files to a target device or eDiscovery system for legal processing.

Silent holds

Put files on hold without informing the user. Placing a custodian on legal hold creates a new backup set that is invisible to the employee. If silent holds aren’t your preferred process, use an integrated eDiscovery system to notify employees who are on legal hold.


Support information governance through a repeatable workflow.

Proactive protection

With Code42 already collecting files on employee computers, quickly take action to preserve electronic evidence. There’s no need to reactively deploy new software or manually copy hard drives.

Legal admin permissions

Provide legal personnel with direct access to capabilities in the Code42 Legal Hold web app by assigning a dedicated Legal Admin role within the product.

Activity logging

Get a timeline of important legal hold events—like when a legal matter was first created, which custodians have been added to the matter, when custodian data is collected for discovery and which administrator performed which activity.

No data storage limits

Files subject to legal hold may need to be preserved for years at a time. Code42 offers unlimited cloud storage so you never need to worry about legal hold retention requirements eating into your storage costs.


Operationalize the Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM).

  • Zapproved partnership. Joint Code42 and Zapproved customers can integrate their environments to manage custodians, legal hold templates, questionnaires and reports from one central repository. They can also automatically track custodian responses and trigger reminders and escalations, apply preservation holds to custodian data with a single click, and create a complete and defensible audit trail of all preservation activity.
  • eDiscovery integration via API. Use the Code42 API to integrate with your chosen eDiscovery system. Collect files that have been preserved within Code42 and make them available for processing, review, analysis, production and presentation.


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