Forensic File Search

Security investigations made fast, simple and comprehensive.

Get results in seconds

Quickly investigate and respond to security incidents.

Code42 Forensic File Search screenshot.

Search results in seconds

Search and investigate file activity and events across all endpoints and cloud services in seconds.

Get complete answers

Answer the most challenging security and compliance questions in seconds instead of days or weeks. Learn how to locate cryptomining software.

Search offline

Metadata stored in the cloud allows for near instantaneous search results for all files across all endpoints and cloud services–even when offline.

Easy as Google Search

Single search bar delivers immediate insights.

Always-on search

Search for file activity and events across all endpoints and cloud services even when offline.

A single app

Silently and continuously collect forensic details on files and file events such as creating, modifying, moving and deleting.

The complete picture

Search results provided via a single pane of glass for all associated file activity and events.

No policy management required

Endpoint monitoring built-in to just work without the overhead of managing policy.

Current and historical file events

Analyze current and historical file events and activity everywhere.

  • Current and historical events. Search all file activity and events whether they happened today or months ago.
  • Multiple search criteria. Search current and historical file events by metadata details including MD5 hash, SHA-256, date range, file type and file path.
  • Access to files. With Code42 Backup + Restore, go beyond the metadata and see what is inside the file.

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