File Exfiltration Detection

Know when intellectual property (IP) is leaving your organization

Monitor endpoint activity

Continuous endpoint monitoring never skips a beat.

Code42 File Exfiltration Detection screenshot.

No policy management

Endpoint monitoring detects event anomalies. Set it and forget it.

Real-time activity

Capture file activity on each device and identify potential data exfiltration or security risks.

Updates every 15 minutes

A single app silently and continuously watches for any risky events.

Customized security alerts

Get security alerts that matter to your organization.

Set custom thresholds

Specify which data events are risky to your organization and configure alerts to trigger when they happen.

Drill into the facts

Get details about the user, complete forensics on the files and understand impacted devices.

Alerts on the go

Know when your IP is at risk, no matter where you are.

Alerts based on true-positives

Configure alerts to be notified of the security events that truly matter. No more false positives.

Quickly respond to threats

Prevent and remediate threats to your IP.

  • Pinpoint user and device. Confiscate risky devices and contain situations that pose a threat to your data.
  • Block user access. Access Lock immediately locks down user access to devices without permanently wiping data.
  • Faster visibility. Quickly visualize key data trends by leveraging the Security web app or Security Insights.


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