Device Migration

Eliminate the downtime associated with data migration and technology refresh

Versatile device migration workflows

Migrate files your way.

Code42 Device Migration screenshot.

User driven data migration

Empower users to perform device migrations. The Code42 Device Replacement Wizard prompts users to initiate the download of files and keep working while their data restores in the background.

Admin driven device migration

Remotely perform device migration for users through the Code42 administration console. Simply install the Code42 application on the new device, log into the console, and target the file restore to the new device.

Operating system switch

Assist users in moving from one operating system (OS) to another. Code42 supports cross-platform device migrations, like moving from a Windows device to a Mac.

Reliable migration technology

Device migration technology that's built for real life.

Hardware break/fix

No more data loss from computer disasters. With Code42 automatically and continuously protecting end-user data, you’ll always have a recent backup from which to recover.


You can adopt the backup archive of the old device, so you don't have to start a new backup. If you need to turn off a laptop before migration is complete, Code42 will complete the restore when the laptop is powered on.

Back up Windows user profiles

Migrate system settings, application settings, user profiles and user data from one Windows device to another so your new device has the same look and feel as the last. See The Seven Keys to Successful Windows 10 Migration.

Fast migration speeds

Because data is stored in user-aligned backup archives and efficiently assembled on the endpoint instead of in the cloud, you’ll experience migration speeds that are up to 9x faster than other solutions.

Smart integrations

Leverage key integrations to speed up device rollout.

  • USMT. Code42 backs up Microsoft User State Migration Tool (USMT) data to reduce manual re-configuration of system settings and user profiles for Windows devices.
  • SCCM & Jamf. Streamline device management and rollout during tech refresh projects by integrating Code42 with your existing Microsoft SCCM or Jamf systems.


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