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Smart backup

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Screenshot of Code42 app illustrating how to restore a file.

Continuous backup

Back up data 96x a day so you’re always ready to recover files when needed. A real-time file watcher looks for new files and file updates, and backs up changes every 15 minutes by default.

Prioritized file backup

Protect your most important files—what you’re working on right now. Code42 backs up files in the following order 1) newer, smaller files 2) newer, larger files, 3) older, smaller files, 4) older, larger files.


Set CPU allowances for when users are present and away from devices. Configure backup to stop when a laptop reaches a set percent of remaining battery power. Set bandwidth limits by network type, location or peak/off-peak work hours.

Reliable restore

2-9x times faster than the other guys.

Fast data recovery

Source-side deduplication allows you to restore data 2-9x faster than with other backup solutions.

Foolproof data recovery

Recover previous file versions and even deleted files.


Restore files to their original location, to downloads, or to a new location. Select files for restore by any date, time or version. Recover files through self-service restores or remote, admin restores.

Self-healing archives

Regular archive maintenance takes place to validate the health of the backup and check for data corruption. If archive maintenance finds bad blocks of data, the destination self-heals the archive by re-requesting the affected data blocks from the source device.

Foundational data protection

File protection is just the beginning.

  • Data migration. When every file is automatically and continuously backed up and made available for recovery, you’ll be ready for ransomware, tech refresh, and device replacements.
  • File preservation. With an application already running on every device, you can perform a preserve-in-place legal hold with a few easy clicks.


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