Backup + Recovery

Rapidly recover lost, deleted and ransomed files.

Restore files and file versions

Code42 Next-Gen Data Loss Protection recovers critical files in seconds.

Illustration of Code42 Recovery.

Investigate file contents

Retrieve actual file contents so you can determine whether a file contains sensitive data during investigations.

Restore lost files

Recover prior file versions and deleted files. Restore files to their original folder location, to a new location or to the downloads folder. Select files by date, time or version.

Enable self-service file recovery

Empower users to recover from everyday data loss events like overwritten files and accidental deletion. Users can retrieve files in a few simple clicks.

Restore all files on a device

Code42 Next-Gen Data Loss Protection speeds up device recovery after ransomware or data loss.

Recover from ransomware

Restore a device back to the state it was in just minutes before ransomware hit. Simply re-image the device and select the date and time from which to restore a clean copy of all files.

Identify files on stolen laptops

When devices are lost or stolen, you can recover all the files that were stored on the device to identify what data may be exposed, and get users back to work quickly on a new computer.

Protect data from accidents

Coffee spills and dropped laptops are a common occurrence that disrupt user productivity. Since Code42 continuously collects all files, you'll always have a recent backup to rely upon.

Speed up device replacement

Eliminate the downtime associated with data migration and technology refresh. Code42 migrates all files and user profile settings from one device to another, reducing downtime from three hours to 30 minutes per device.

Guarantee business productivity

Code42 Next-Gen Data Loss Protection saves your time, reputation and bottom line.

  • Improve business continuity. "One of the biggest benefits of having Code42 is the fact that we're no longer at risk of data loss, which leads to lost time, money, and faith in our company." - MacDonald-Miller
  • Respond to data risk faster. "We sped up our time-to-response for a wide range of cyber threats. It's a game changer for security professionals." - Entrust Datacard

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