Retain files for investigation, litigation and compliance.

Speed corporate investigations

Next-Gen DLP preserves and retains file history.

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Preserve files for investigations

Retain files for employees involved in internal security investigations to maintain a history of file activity and changes to file contents over time.

Preserve files during departure

Place files under enhanced collection and preservation when employees resign to protect files from tampering, deletion and exfiltration.

Preserve files through corporate transitions

Proactively preserve files to protect them throughout corporate transitions such as mergers, acquisitions and layoffs.

Support corporate litigation

Next-Gen DLP automates the preservation and collection of endpoint files.

Proactively preserve files

With Code42 already collecting files on employee computers, you can quickly take action to preserve laptop and desktop files remotely with no impact to users. There’s no need to reactively deploy new software or manually copy hard drives.

Configure long-term data preservation

Safeguard employee files for litigation in only a few clicks. Configure which files are saved, for which employees, and for how long. Files are automatically collected and stored in the cloud.

View an audit trail

See a timeline of important file activity. Code42 tracks when files were first preserved, for which users, and when and how files were collected by administrators for litigation.

Integrate with eDiscovery solutions

Leverage the Code42 API to integrate with eDiscovery systems and ingest files for processing, review, analysis, production and presentation.

Satisfy corporate compliance

Next-Gen DLP preserves files for as long as required.

  • Preserve files for compliance. Code42 allows you to preserve files for years at a time in order to retain data for regulations such as HIPAA.
  • Protect files for grants. Code42 allows you to meet data retention requirements of government grants.
  • Retain files at no additional cost. Code42 offers unlimited cloud storage and unlimited file versioning so you never need to worry about retention requirements eating away at your storage budget.

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