Detect data loss, leak, misuse and theft without data loss prevention policies.

Identify where and how files move

Next-Gen DLP detects file movement to removable media and cloud sharing services.

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Watch removable media

Track when files move to removable media devices via USB, eSata, Thunderbolt and SD Card ports. See the make, model and serial number of the device as well as all file and event details.

Monitor cloud usage

View when files are added to installed cloud sharing applications like Box, Dropbox, Google Backup and Sync, iCloud and OneDrive or uploaded via web browsers.

Detect suspicious file movement

Receive an alert when users move large amounts of data out of your organization. Identify baseline behaviors, export event details or import logs into your SIEM.

Know when files change

Next-Gen DLP monitors all file creation, modification and deletion.

Capture all activity

Code42's non-disruptive agent silently records every time a file is created, modified, renamed, moved or deleted—without taxing the endpoint.

View laptops and cloud

Monitor file creation and modification across Mac, Windows, Linux, Google Drive and OneDrive for unified visibility across the organization.

See months of file history

File changes are collected within minutes and retained for months, allowing you to see both past and present file activity.

Speed security investigations

Search billions of file events in seconds to quickly triage and prioritize data threats.

Find shared files

Next-Gen DLP quickly finds all files shared via cloud services.

  • Monitor external file sharing. Identify every instance where users have generated public sharing links for files in Microsoft OneDrive and Google Drive.
  • Audit file access. See when corporate and non-corporate users have access to files in your company-managed cloud service accounts.
  • Review file contents. Immediately preview shared files in order to determine whether they include sensitive data.

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