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Next-Gen DLP searches file activity across endpoints and cloud sharing services.

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Define your file search

Code42 collects comprehensive metadata so you can search for your sensitive data using a variety of information including: file hash, date range, file type, path and more.

Investigate endpoint and cloud files

Code42 searches billions of file events in seconds across all endpoints and cloud services -- even when endpoints are offline.

Connect the dots

Dramatically reduce the time it takes to investigate, respond to and recover from data security incidents.

Search past and present file events

Next-Gen DLP sees everywhere a file is or has been.

Identify where files exist

Gain visibility into where files live and move across your organization by collecting, analyzing and indexing file events on endpoints and in the cloud.

See months of file history

File changes are collected within minutes and retained for months, allowing you to see both past and present file events.

Protect data during offboarding

See exactly what files an employee downloads, shares, deletes or transfers from endpoints and cloud services before and after resignation.

Speed up incident and breach response

Quickly answer questions such as, "Which users had copies of this sensitive file? Who were the files shared with, when and how?"

Review file contents

Next-Gen DLP retrieves full files to identify sensitive file contents.

  • Go beyond content-aware. Retrieve actual file contents so you can review the information it contains and determine if sensitive data is at risk.
  • Protection without DLP policies. Identifying intellectual property using traditional DLP policies is an uphill battle. Code42 empowers you to see file content to identify proprietary data first-hand.
  • Recover from data loss. Effectively and efficiently recover from data loss incidents by restoring one file, multiple files, or all files on a device.

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