Collect all file content from endpoints. Index all file activity across endpoints and cloud.

Capture all file content

Next-Gen DLP collects current and historical files every 15 minutes.

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Continuous file collection

A real-time file watcher continuously monitors for new file creation and modification, and automatically backs up file changes every 15 minutes to deliver comprehensive version history.

Up-to-date protection

Code42 ensures the files your users are currently working on are protected first so they are always available for recovery and retrieval.

Non-disruptive agent

File data collection works silently in the background so users aren’t slowed down. Set CPU allowances for when users are present and away from devices.

Get file context

Next-Gen DLP collects and indexes file activity across endpoints and the cloud.

Collect file metadata

Code42 automatically collects file names, MD5 and SHA 256 hashes, paths, sources, event types, and activity timestamps so you have detailed file information easily available.

See file activity

Code42 captures all of the details when files move to USB and cloud accounts, including time of activity, number and name of files moved, device name, IP address, user information, file name, path, type, hash, last modified date, and USB serial number.


Identify file sharing details

Code42 identifies shared files within your Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive environments, providing visibility into internal and external sharing activity.

See activity over time

File creation, modification, deletion and movement actions are collected and retained, allowing you to see both past and present events.

Know where files live and move

Next-Gen DLP sees where users create, store and share files.

  • Achieve unified visibility. Identify which users have or previously had files, what files they have, and where files are stored within endpoints and cloud sharing services.
  • Perform data forensics. Investigation capabilities allow you to search file events and file metadata in seconds to quickly triage and prioritize data threats.
  • Retrieve files—and view their contents. When additional context is needed, retrieve files and review their contents to determine data sensitivity.

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