7 of 8 Ivy League Schools Rely on Code42

The best data protection for higher education.

Information is your lifeblood. Protect every file, all the time.

Your institution’s research work is valuable. For your faculty, it could be their life’s work. How do you protect the data without burdening faculty and staff?

Code42 offers insider threat protection designed for the unique challenges of educational institutions. Our solution automatically and continuously protects every file on every device all the time, so no matter what happens, you always have access to your data, helping you stay in compliance and preserving valuable research data. When data is affected by loss, leak or misuse, Code42 helps you investigate what happened, and quickly recover any affected files.

The higher education advantage

Get research-grade protection
Code42 includes file collection and recovery capabilities that meet the stringent standards of the Higher Education Internet2 community as an Internet2 Net+ cloud solution. No other provider can say the same.

Recover quickly
Code42 automatically collects and stores every version of every file across all endpoints, and indexes all file activity across endpoints and cloud services. When data loss strikes, Code42 Next-Gen DLP recovers files faster than any competitive product — 5-9 times faster than other solutions. And with user-level encryption, no non-admin user can restore data other than their own, providing the maximum security for all users’ data.

Centrally-managed and highly protected

Secure every device, see every incident
Back up every file on Mac, Windows and Linux laptops and desktops, with a consistent experience across all platforms. Quickly triage and prioritize data threats by searching file activity across all endpoints and cloud services in seconds, even when endpoints are offline.

Preserve data, be ready for anything
Automatic, continuous collection retains files for any number of users, for as long as the files are needed to satisfy data retention requirements. When data loss incidents like ransomware occur, recover quickly without paying a ransom. While competitors suggest backups every four hours or less, Code42 Next-Gen DLP backs up data every 15 minutes by default, so your users can return to where they were minutes before a malicious attack.

Protection designed for education

Code42 comes with built-in functionality that meets the unique needs of the education environment.

Get unlimited cloud storage

You get unlimited retention, unlimited storage, and unlimited versions, because we know research grants yield more than 300 gigs of data.

Support remote users

With self-service recovery, even traveling faculty can be back up and running quickly—no IT support necessary.

Accommodate chargebacks

Our reporting web app shows you storage volume and users by department and can be integrated with your accounting system, making chargebacks easy.

Gain central control

A single admin console for all departments and colleges makes it easy to manage deployment, monitor backups and analyze data, whether you have 100 users or 100,000+.

Simplify data holds

Automatically lock data retention policies to easily support Freedom of Information Act requests and other legal holds without affecting existing backups or impacting productivity. Our open API strategy allows you to integrate with the EDRM application you already use.

Achieve peace of mind

With Code42, you know every file is protected at the source, in transit and at rest with AES 256-bit encryption. And you hold the encryption keys to prevent unauthorized disclosure.

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