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Incydr™ Context Flows

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What are Incydr Context Flows?

Incydr Context Flows enhance Incydr’s signal by ingesting user attributes, such as employment milestones, departure or elevated access credentials from corporate IAM, PAM and HCM systems. With user context from these systems, Incydr Flows automatically adds users to alert rules or risk detection lenses when they are considered a high risk user.

Featured Use Case

Automatically add departing employees to Incydr’s Risk Detection Lens

  • A member of the business development team quits.
  • The departing employee’s manager notifies HR of the their resignation.
  • The HR business partner updates their HCM system, ADP, with the departing employee’s information and departure date.
  • ADP notifies Incydr that an employee, who is a member of the business development team, is departing on July 1.
  • Incydr moves the user to the departing employee lens for enhanced monitoring during the remainder of their time at the company.

Context flows integration features

A remote workforce introduces new collaboration tools and thus new risks that make it difficult to ensure data security and compliance. Employees are off-network, causing security teams to lose visibility into file access and data movement. And while most security teams have data security and remote work policies, they are difficult to enforce without the right tools in place.

User context

Incydr ingests information like a user’s title, department, manager, employment status, departure date and elevated access credentials to prioritize high risk user types.

High risk user detection

Add user context from a PAM/IAM tool to Incydr’s High Risk detection lens automatically, in near real time.

Alert prioritization

Prioritize response to alerts involving high risk users by automatically adding specific groups or individual users to alerts based on specified attributes.

No-code workflows

Use cloud connectors to connect Incydr with IAM, PAM and HCM systems. Leverage custom workflows built and maintained by Code42 professional services.

What’s next: Incydr Response Flows

Response Flows orchestrate controls to mitigate corporate data leak when Insider Risk events are detected. Containment, resolution and educational controls are automated based on the severity of the event. They are delivered through integrations with systems like IAM, PAM, EDR and ITSM.

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