Risk Glossary

Data Exfiltration

Effective data exfiltration prevention requires an understanding of the reasons why someone with access to sensitive data is attempting to take it from the company. Learn more →

Data Loss Prevention

Data loss prevention is vital to an organization because the theft or misuse of corporate data can harm the organization in a variety of different ways. Learn more →

Insider Risk

Insider Risk occurs when any data exposure (regardless of perceived data value or user intent) jeopardizes the well-being of an organization and its employees, customers or partners. Learn more →

Insider Threat

Most organizations focus on potential cyber threats originating from outside of their networks. However, this isn’t the only potential source of risk to a company.  Learn more →

Insider Threat Program

An effective insider threat program balances the risks of insider threats with the needs of the company and its employees. Learn more →

Types of Insider Threat

Insider threats can have a number of different objectives and motivations. Learn the six most common types of insider threats. Learn more →