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Manage Your Highest Risk User Groups

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How it works

Add users to Watchlists to automate management workflows

Adding users to a Watchlist kicks off system alerts and user management workflows so you can programmatically protect data when it is most vulnerable. Watchlists are commonly used for employees experiencing an employment milestone, such as departure, as well as those with risk factors that suggest the need for closer monitoring, such as contractors, new employees and those with privileged access.

Moving image that shows how to create a Departing Employee watchlist with Incydr.
  • Focus and streamline management workflows
    Drive a more efficient prioritization and investigation workflow by providing administrators with focused visualizations and alerts.
  • Closely monitor high-risk users
    Organize users of similar risk level into Watchlist groups based on their employment milestones, attributes and other risk factors. 
  • Automate processes and reduce error
    Enhance monitoring by adding and removing users on Incydr Watchlists using directory groups or turnkey Incydr Flow automations with IAM, PAM and HRIS.
  • Easily customize alert and blocking criteria
    Create rules that are unique to user groups on specific Watchlists. Send prioritized alerts to your preferred system such as SIEM, ITSM, or Slack. Block file sharing for users on specified watchlists such as departing employee or repeat offenders. 

Use Incydr Flows™ to simplify Watchlist management

Incydr Flows enhance Incydr’s risk signal by automatically populating and managing your Watchlists. It does this by ingesting user attributes like employment milestones, departures, or elevated access credentials from corporate IAM, PAM, and HCM systems.

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Ready to see Watchlists in action?

Get a tour of how Incydr’s Watchlists make it easy to see and stop data leaks and IP theft – without violating employee privacy.

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Detect, investigate and respond to data exfiltration

Incydr Risk Dashboards

Tailored views to identify data exposure, training gaps, and corporate policy non-compliance as well as measure program performance company-wide.

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Incydr Risk Indicators

Prioritize the risks that need immediate attention through contextual risk scoring based on file, vector and user characteristics and behaviors.

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Quickly document and retain investigation evidence for malicious and high-impact incidents, and create reports for key stakeholders such as management, HR and legal.

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