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Inside Jobs. The Aftermath Of An Insider Risk Event

In this episode of Inside Jobs, Jadee Hanson, CISO & CIO at Code42, joins host Zack Hack of Cybercrime Magazine to discuss a recent Insider Risk event that took place at Code42, including what happened, the next steps involved to remedy the situation and more.


Key findings in this podcast:

  • Many security teams have data exposure blindspots within their organization with cloud locations
  • Insider Risk analysts should have a daily workflow to review data exposure events
  • Companies need to have a clear escalation path including HR and legal

About the Author

Jadee, CISSP, CISA, is the CISO & Chief Information Officer at Code42. Jadee’s passion for security was born out of a computer science internship and developed into a profession with her first role at Deloitte. After five years and a lot of travel, Jadee’s consulting experience led her to Target Corporation. She advanced through the ranks of Target's security team over the course of eight years, during which time she built many of the security programs and functions that exist today. In addition to her day job, Jadee is also the founder and CEO of the non-profit organization Building Without Borders.

Profile Photo of Jadee Hanson