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Inside Jobs. Training & Eliminating Insider Risk

In this episode of Inside Jobs, host Zack Hack is joined by Chrysa Freeman, Senior Security Instructional Content Designer at Code42, to discuss training and the role it plays in eliminating insider risk, Code42's recently launched Instructor™ Microlearning Solution for Insider Risk Reduction, and more.



Key Findings:

  • Training and how you train employees are critical pieces of a successful Insider Risk Management program 
  • Everyone working together, Security and employees, is in the best interest of the company to help reduce Insider Risk

About the Author

As the head of Governance, Risk Management & Compliance at Code42, Chrysa has over 12 years of experience in security GRC and security awareness management and training. Prior to Code42, Chrysa initiated security awareness programs at Medtronic and Target. Chrysa holds an MBA degree from St. Thomas and a BA from the University of Minnesota.

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