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Inside Jobs. Bridging the GRC & Security Gap

In this episode of Inside Jobs, Abhik Mitra, Head of Portfolio Strategy at Code42, joins host Hillarie McClure of Cybercrime Magazine to discuss the decades-old gap between the Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) committee and security, how we can bridge this gap, where Insider Risk Management can step in and help, and more.


Key Findings:

  • GRC is focused on risk
  • Security is focused on threat mitigation
  • Insider Risk tends to get overlooked

About the Author

Abhik Mitra is the head of portfolio strategy at Code42. With more than 10 years of experience in enterprise technology, Abhik combines valuable insights from the Analyst community, CISO and security buyers, and Market Intelligence to arm product, sales, and marketing decisions. With a unique background that encompasses product management, product marketing and just being a tech enthusiast, Abhik is passionate about engaging with and learning from the cybersecurity community. Prior to Code42, he served as a global product manager for companies including Xiotech, Kroll Ontrack and Imation.

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