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Simple by Design: Why Console Simplicity Keeps Administrators Happy and Data Safe

Naturally, technology is here to help us make our jobs easier. When using a SaaS security solution, you expect to achieve desired outcomes with less time, effort, cost, and resources. Not the other way around.

The ideal SaaS solution interface is simple to operate and processes large quantities of data displayed in a central location. Delivering such a design is typically positioned as a tradeoff between usability and data organization. Yet, it’s a critical component of such a platform to organize data from multiple sources without compromising its quality.

The reality is that businesses have various options to help protect their data from being exfiltrated, and the right partner is the one that can provide them with the right mix of technology, services, and advice to help them achieve their desired outcomes.

Bringing all of those requirements together, an Insider Risk Management (IRM) solution such as Incydr is strives to provide that type of partnership.

When choosing a solution for managing data safety and security to prevent corporate data leakage, a lot is at stake; the company’s data security, in addition to the success of the solution itself, hinges mainly on the software’s ease of use.

3 reasons administrators need simple security product UI

The user interface of any software solution is essential because that is how people interact to achieve their needs and goals. Oftentimes, the security experience of a SaaS solution, which includes the ease of navigating the dashboard or analyzing files in the forensic search, is prioritized. The administration experience, in turn, gets left behind. Such an approach to designing a security product is obsolete because the administration experience is just as critical. 

In his book The Complexity Crisis, John Mariotti, former president of Rubbermaid Office Products and Huffy Bicycles, suggests: “Complexity is arguably the most insidious, hidden profit drain in today’s business world.”

Some businesses put up with complexity instead of getting rid of it, fragmenting management focus. That’s why so many SaaS products look like Rube Goldberg’s drawings. When developing Incydr, our team made sure to bring the administrator’s UI experience up to par with the one of a security analyst. 

1. UI simplicity accelerates informed decision making to keep data safe

If the data is not organized, administrators will have to invest more time in finding the correct answers. That’s more time that they don’t spend focused on their job. When your company files are being exfiltrated, your security analyst must make an informed decision faster. That’s how one becomes more effective at your company’s IP protection.

2. UI simplicity removes additional cost

Implementing a simple and intuitive interface is about removing the cost, resource and risk barriers. It makes it more difficult for teams to deploy, provision and manage a complex IRM solution.

Besides, when your security team spends too much time making the software function as desired, it increases the cost of taking advantage of the software. There can also be a big learning curve for security analysts to efficiently work inside a new security product. Security teams and solution administrators have to allocate analyst time to learning technology or hire someone with experience. Doing so decreases their talent tool and takes time away from an analyst’s actual job.

3. UI simplicity increases job satisfaction

Given the talent shortage in IT and security, it’s best to avoid any additional challenges. Poor UX frustrates analysts and makes them more likely to burn out or want a job change, impacting the business’s ability to retain talent.

Design that’s rooted in simplicity

Effective and intuitive interfaces don’t happen by accident. They result from the hard work of designers who continuously collaborate with users to anticipate their desired workflows and ensure needs are being met quickly and effectively.

At Code42, our Incydr product managers and UX designers frequently hold research calls with our customers to ensure product design exceeds expectations, and we evaluate how the product is being used to constantly improve and iterate on workflows.

Incydr’s design values are rooted in simplicity, signal and speed. Its architecture is cloud-native and environment agnostic. Incydr’s deployment process takes less than 48 hours, with under 10 hours of your committed time, allowing you to assess your company-wide data risk in under two weeks. And there are no files to classify, proxies to manage or complex policies to maintain. It has an unrivaled signal-to-noise ratio ensuring you can detect the greatest risks to your organization without analyst burnout. And it offers a wide range of response controls so you can take an informed, right-sized response to detected risks.

To do Insider Risk Management right, simplicity matters. Not every solution, through the right blend of technology, services, and advice can help your business achieve the desired outcomes quickly and with less effort, cost, risk and resources than going after it alone. But what if we could give you a solution that did all of that?

Try Incydr today to experience the simplicity, signal and speed of the product’s design.

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