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Transform your approach to managing Insider Risk

Insider Risk is created anytime a team member accidentally – or not – shares data or files outside of trusted parties. It includes data loss, leaks, theft, sabotage and espionage – and it happens every day, just in the normal course of business. We believe that organizations should never compromise their speed of innovation or the safety of their data. That’s why the Code42 Insider Risk Management (IRM) approach fundamentally shifts the data security mindset to focus on results that deliver business value. Get started with your IRM program in 5 simple steps.

Get started with Code42’s IRM Framework

In contrast to policy-based approaches, IRM is all about continuous improvement of Insider Risk Posture. Through Code42’s technology, people and processes we will help you apply learnings to mature your data protection strategy with a focus on driving outcomes over checking boxes. Our IRM approach is rooted in 5 stages:

  1. Identify – Where and when is your organization's data exposed to Insider Risk?
  2. Define – What data risk is not acceptable to your organization?
  3. Prioritize – When is the data your organization cares most about at the greatest risk?
  4. Automate – How do you best respond to Insider Risk?
  5. Improve – Is what you’re doing actually working?

Learn how Code42 Incydr™ helps you answer these questions and enables an Insider Risk Management approach.


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Why to use the IRM approach

Ensure compliance with data use policies

  • Detect and response to data leakage and theft from corporate cloud, email and computer systems
  • Monitor all files, vectors and users to inform security strategies and ensure corporate policies are followed

Build a more risk-aware culture

  • Protect data without disrupting employee productivity or collaboration
  • Oversee file sharing activities in applications like Slack, OneDrive, Google Drive, Box, Zoom and more to detect untrusted data movement

Speed time to security value

  • Assess company-wide and per-user Insider Risk in under 2 weeks
  • Deploy in less than 48 hours
  • Continuously improve Insider Risk posture

See how Incydr meets the technical requirements of the IRM Framework

Speak with a security expert to see how Incydr allows you to detect and respond to data risk caused by those inside your organization.

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