Remote Workforce

Gain visibility and mitigate risk to data when employees work from home

Working from home is now widely embraced. Deloitte research finds 21% of US organizations have decided to never bring most of their workforce back to the office, and 85% of organizations expect the majority of their workforce to work remotely through most of 2021. Employees are being onboarded, enabled, empowered and offboarded, all in a remote world.

A remote workforce introduces new collaboration tools and thus new risks that make it difficult to ensure data security and compliance. Employees are off-network, causing security teams to lose visibility into file access and data movement. And while most security teams have data security and remote work policies, they are difficult to enforce without the right tools in place.

Incydr Solution

Incydr is a SaaS data risk detection and response product for Insider Risk. It provides you with the visibility needed to mitigate risk to data when employees work from home.


How can security gain visibility into file activity when employees work from home?

  • Incydr detects file sharing and exfiltration across computers, cloud and email through an agent and direct integrations.
  • It provides visibility into activities such as web uploads, file sharing, email attachments, USB, Airdrop, cloud sync and more. Employees do not need to be on VPN for their file activity to be monitored. Trusted activities are filtered out to reveal only the activities that indicate potential risk to data.
  • Incydr provides you with the ability to differentiate between remote and in-network activity. Administrators can enter in-network IP ranges into the product. Activity outside of this list will be identified as remote.
  • Remote activity can be used as additional event context during investigation, or it can be applied as an Insider Risk Indicator (IRI) to increase the risk score of an event.
  • When activity is detected, you can investigate in Forensic Search as well as view a user’s profile to see their activity in context. Profiles provide a historical view of activity as well as display helpful user attribute information such as the employee’s name, title, department and manager.
  • With Incydr, you can respond to Insider Risk quickly, whether that be through employee education, automated SOAR action, corrective conversation or legal action.

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