IP Theft

Protect your intellectual property, trade secrets and other "Crown Jewels"

73% of data breaches take months or years to discover (Verizon). This is often the case when intellectual property (IP) and trade secrets are stolen. Companies can be blindsided by a competitor who brings a copycat offering to market.

The ability to identify exfiltration activity while an employee still works for your company improves your legal posture. If the employee has already left, the organization's ability to "fix" the situation is limited. With states and courts limiting the enforceability of non-compete clauses, it's harder than ever to prevent your IP from reaching a competitor if you do not detect an employee stealing data while they are still employed by your organization.

Incydr Solution

Incydr is a SaaS data risk detection and response product for Insider Risk. It helps prevent IP theft when “crown jewels” are threatened by correlating three dimensions of risk: files, vectors and users.


How can my company protect intellectual property and trade secrets from insider threat?

  • Incydr detects file sharing and exfiltration across computers, cloud and email through an agent and direct cloud and email integrations. This includes web browser uploads, cloud sync activity, file sharing, Airdrop, and use of removable media.
  • Most preventative data security technologies, such as DLP, were built to satisfy regulatory compliance. By contrast, Incydr does not rely on classification and policies to perform its monitoring and detection. It monitors all file movement regardless of what is considered acceptable by security policy, and uses file, vector and user signal to surface only the events that put IP, trade secrets and other high-value business data at risk.
  • Incydr analyzes file contents and extensions to organize files into categories. These include source code, presentations, spreadsheets and more. This makes it easy to filter alerts and visualizations based on the types of files you value most, without having to know specific file signatures.
  • To protect your known "crown jewels," Incydr alerts you when files with specific filenames or extensions are moved to untrusted destinations or shared via a cloud service. Wildcards can be used for any unknown values. When activity is detected, Incydr also provides authorized security analysts with the ability to view the file's actual content and confirm it is in fact sensitive.
  • Incydr provides you with an efficient way to compile, document and disseminate pertinent investigation details so you can substantiate Insider Risk investigations and respond quickly, including preserving files and other evidence needed for legal action.

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