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Monitor Git to Protect Source Code & Avoid IP Theft 

Code42 Incydr detects Git commands to monitor pulls from company repositories, and pushes to untrusted repositories, offering much-needed protection of source code without disrupting the productivity of engineering teams. Watch the demo to learn more! 

8 in 10 security and business leaders report that reputation has or would be impacted by an Insider Risk event involving loss/theft of sensitive information. But the risk goes far beyond reputation when intellectual property theft is involved.

The most recent update from the Commission on the Theft of American Intellectual Property estimates the cost of U.S. intellectual property theft (IP) at between $180 billion and $540 billion. Having a way to accurately detect and respond to IP theft helps businesses avoid financial loss, protect their competitive advantage, and yes, ensure no damage is done to their reputation.

For many organizations – especially technology, medical device and software companies – source code is their single most valuable intellectual property. Yet, protecting it from unsanctioned use is difficult for security teams. What they need is the ability to ensure source code doesn’t end up in the wrong hands.

Software developers utilize Git to create source code. Much of their Git usage is sanctioned as part of their everyday work – creating or pulling existing code and pushing it to corporate and/or open source repositories. However, engineers who want to exfiltrate IP could also use Git to send code to a personal code repository service, such as GitHub. 

Code42 Incydr detects Git activity to accurately pinpoint source code exfiltration and speed response times without getting in the way of sanctioned development or impacting engineering team productivity.

With Incydr, security teams can:

  • Continuously monitor developer endpoints for Git commands
  • Ensure legitimate Git push activity does not generate alerts, thus avoiding alert fatigue for administrators
  • Monitor Git pull activity to trace files coming from a corporate repository
  • Receive alerts on unsanctioned source code movement
  • Tailor your response to risk based on the offender and the offense with a full response strategy

Ready to learn more? Watch the 3 minute demo, contact Code42 or try Incydr in your environment.

Want to stop Git exfiltrations today?

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